Tuesday, May 11, 2010

what a random post

people, what's up? i'm doin fine just like i always try haha.. anyway right now i shouldn't be doin anything except work on my portofolio. yep, this holiday i'm goin to have KP aka Kerja Praktek or in english you might called..umm..what? well something's like part time job, but without the fees hehe.. i hope i can spend my holiday in Faber Castell Jkt cause God know how i'm interested in illustration thingy and i'm believe faber castell wouldn't let us doin digital. yipeeee...

let's hope for the best eh? i've talk to them since 1 month ago, gosh! and i still haven't send my portofolio till now. God, if youre exist please gimme the best! ahahah , i'm just kidding. i believe You are exist, and no matter happen to me i know You have choose the best for me. I love You, God :)

well i'm stuck. so i write this post. mmm.. what a random post. and..uh.. well short updates my friend Widya is learning French, language that i was able to speak when i was in high school hahah but i lost the ability now :p and Mas Jo, my senior in ITS Online, well.. i receive him as a brother, is taking a break from his work in Sulawesi for a while, so here he is now, in Surabaya.

see i'm babbling around, i'll see you around people! got to go now! my porto is waiting!



fajjar_nuggraha said...

KP in english usually called On The Job Training, Sista..

misstyzha said...

i don't get the faber castell on job training anyway haha..they said the were busy preparing knowledge transfer to their new staff so they don't open any on job traning for this year.too bad haha..

but still, i'm begging for illustration on job training! *see i make it right now haha