Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dear God,

I’m not a holly person, even I’m not that always-try-to-be-nice-to-everyone girl. But most of the time, when I’m in good mood, i try my best to help everybody around me. And sometimes, when I’m under pressure, I still try to help others. Sometimes.

Anyway, I found myself couple months ago try to help my friends fixing things. In Your Name, I had no other reason for myself except help him. But who will guess everything turn out not very good lately. Just name it, me, who try to help at first, ended need any help too.


I know i don’t need to write this all cause I know, You always know what hidden in the deepest of my heart. But let me say clearly, I really need your help. I can’t handle it, I don’t know how longer I can stand. I try my best, You know I really am. But now I found myself needed more help that the one I try to help.

Thank you for listening me always.

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