Saturday, December 25, 2010

Counting Days

Hello readers! Are you doin fine? Mine’s up to no good haha..But it’s no big deal, at least for now. I’ll tell you later :p

New Year’s Eve always be special nite for me. Not because I have birthday on first day of January but in 31st of December, yay! What make it so special because it seems like I only have one day in my new age, then whoops, the next day, in 1st January people count my age based on the year. So I grow older one year more in the day right after my birthday. Get my point? Hihi..

After all like everybody does, I feel very enthusiastic counting the days. Six more days then I’ll be 22. 22 may not seems so special like 17 (when I celebrated it with around 40 or more high school buddies, barbeque-ing, fireworks, you name it) or 20 (I’m officially early adult.. bye bye girl, hello woman! :p) but this year I feel blessed, beloved, that’s why I’ll be thankful to God for gimme this fabulous year. Thank you Allah, for staying with me always. I love You.

But in the other hand, birthday can be suck. Who wanna grow older honestly? I want to be forever young of course! Life becomes so much complicated the more we get older. So in case to cheer up myself in my upcoming birthday, take a look on my wish list, eh? And maybe you’re the generous one who will make those real for me? :p

1.    iPod nano new generation
2.    Diana F+
3.    Mini tripod
4.    Long sleeves black tee
5.    Holiday ticket to France
6.    A bunch of roses..or sunflowers
7.    Easel for painting
8.    Scholarship from any art college abroad hahaha!
9.    World peace (Mm?)
10.  Indonesia becoming nicer place to live, no flood, no poverty..
11.  Mm... *skip
11.    ...(I suppose it's time to end it hehehe..)

Please don’t care about the number one. I already bought it for myself (welcome home my unyu* silver iPod nano!). Pathetic? Not for me. In my opinion, the first thing to do before you’re trying to honor others is by honor yourself. Giving yourself thing that you dreaming of is one of the good examples :).
For number eight I hope Rector from any college I have mentioned about read this post, eh? Haha..
Number nine and ten..well those are nice of course.. but come on.. Seem won't happen in the end of this month, talk about realistic :p

Except those things above, sooner or later I’ll make all true by myself. Amin.

Oh and for my bf if you read this, PLEASE DON’T MIND. I know you’re thinking of giving me any surprise, and that idea is so lovely.. But you have hard times lately; both time and energy become so crucial. All you have to do is just focus on your final project; I won’t ask more. I’m okay, please don’t worry about me. I won’t be a cry baby only ‘cause you will be working on my birthday. No big deal, I’m serious. Really! Please become egoist only for this thing, okay? :)

So I think we get into the end of the post! Happy for you all! Ciao fellas! Much love from me! xoxoxox

*unyu is the Indonesian slang language for 'cute'

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