Saturday, December 25, 2010

Healing by Crying

[Healing by Crying]
Adobe Illustrator CS2 sketch work then colored in Adobe Potoshop CS3

When you cry, you heal yourself. I can’t be more agree with this statement. How happy if I can cry and let things out. Ah :)

Anyway this won’t be a melodramatic post hihi..  Actually I’ll get my ‘period’ soon so that may be a good reason to be a lil bit mellow hihi.. *that was my excuse for several days ago. But for now, I’m happy as you all hope, ready to face all the challenge of life, ready to move on, ready for Design Research class!!! Ups, that is the reason I wrote this post :)

Regret always comes late. That’s lame, I know. But why people keep did it? That is mystery. And I did it again, regret about something that I fully realize, and was my entire fault, my full responsibility.
Bad time management, postpone small task, little things that become a big hill of pending tasks. Oh how many times I should have faced it? Am I never learned? Pathetic.

This semester I have Design Research Class which commonly known as pre-Final Project. You do half of your Final Project in Design Research Class. Choosing the subject, do the researches, polls, interview, etc. I won’t babbling much about it cause it will make me sad (again) but simply said if you don’t pass this subject, you won’t get permission to do Final Project next semester. If you don’t do the Final Project next semester you will be late minimum one semester  from your graduating time. See the problem? No?

For some of us, that wasn’t big deal. For me, it’s big problem. No, it’s not about my parent. They taking care of me fairly and as long as I have done the best, everything is ok. But have I try my best? You should know why I feel so ashamed of myself.

In the deepest of my heart I’m afraid. I’m afraid I can’t deal with fail. I don’t hope to, but I know I should prepare for the worse too. I should learn dealing with (naudzubillah) fail.

It’s stupid to ask God to turning back time and regret only makes me feel worse.So I decided to move on, do the best in the rest of the time.

And I should believe that whatever the result is, God will give me the best. And God won’t give me something that cannot be faced by me :)


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