Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Munch Munch

Found this vintage-packed chocolate in a supermarket near my campus. I just love at the first sight with its packaging :) Uber cool, eh? And later I found that it tasted quite good too.. Chocolate always makes my day peeps! :)

I’m not that kinda person who crazy with this JCo brand. As long as I remembered, I never hangout in its cafe. But yes I do love JCo donuts. In my opinion JCo change the way we see donut as we saw it before; huge, till one donut is enough. But after JCo was coming, we bought donuts not in pieces again, but in dozen :) My favorite is Miss Green T (green tea flavored) and Al Capone (the one with almond on it )

       Soyjoy!!! I never care about weight gain, trust me I’m craving to be a lil bit fat! But this snack, God, I don’t care if it will make me stay in this weight; I love Soyjoy so much! My favorite is the strawberry flavored. Yum! :)

Now tell me dear readers, what snack do you like the most? I'll happy to know yours :)

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