Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Super Sorry!!

Sorry dear readers!! I should have told you before that the upcoming post will be Bandung Trip part two. Oh my God, it takes almost two months only to write down a serial post eh? I keep my promise that I’ll write down it all, I do!! But many things happen lately, and working in such long post feels hard :( I’ve just finished half of it... 
But please wait, I’ll do it!
*more of it, my bf seems like enjoy the first post so much. That made a lil pressure on me to write the second part at least as good as the first one :))  

Pardon moi readers!! I’ll fix it soon! I swear!

So in order to keep this blog alive I’ll write some short post till the second part is ready enough. I’m inspired by our lovely fashion blogger Diana Rikasari who post her daily life in such short post, but regularly hihihi.. I can’t believe you haven’t know her.. I check her blog every time I go on line :)

I’ll catch up soon! Enjoy your life :)

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