Monday, January 10, 2011

Belated Birthday Post

I didn’t feel blue cause you all. Thank you, thank you, thank you.. :)

What a blissful birthday last December 31st!

1.    Got very nice messages in the early morning. Remember I’ve told you that I can’t karaoke-ing with my pals since I get sick in the night before my birthday? Yes those people send me messages right after they finished karaoke-ing. This is how it goes:

(bip bip.. one message came..)

Erik: “H”

In second one another came, followed by several of them.

Icha :”P”

(I was starting to smile. I’ve guessed it :p )




Cici: “Can you read it? Still confused? We, as the karaoke crew tonight, are wishing you a happy birthday..Love you misstyzha..”

Aaah.. I melted :’)

2.    I was born in the afternoon. Around 13.30 PM. So my family never says any greetings before that time. In last birthday, I was in my department, waiting for my lecture when my mom suddenly texted me. Here it goes the original version of it:

22 tahun yang lalu pada jam yang sama seperti ini lahirlah putri mungil dengan tangis yang keras. Putri yang diharap-harapkan kehadirannya sejak lama agar rumah mungil kita tidak sepi, Ibu tidak kesepian jika Bapak kerja seharian nggak pulang karena pabriknya lagi problem. Tak terasa kini Mbak sudah dewasa.. Ibu merasa belum lama menggendong bahkan sebentar lagi Mbak sudah punya kehidupan sendiri. Mudah-mudahan Allah selalu melindungi dan selalu diberikan yang terbaik. Met ultah ya Nak, ibadahnya lebih ditingkatkan ya

English translation:
22 years ago, in this hour there was born a little baby girl with loud cry. A baby girl who her coming was waited since a long time so our tiny house won’t feel quiet, Mommy won’t feel lonely if Daddy wasn’t home cause having trouble in his work. Time flies so fast now Mbak already grew up, Mommy feels like it was too soon, felt like I’ve just hold you in my arms but soon you will have your own life. Hope Allah always guides you and gives you the best. Happy birthday my daughter, do better in your pray..

So I cried :’)

I texted my mom back as soon as possible, thanks her to make such a sweet-tearful-message. I love you mooommm :’)

3.    Later, my girl, my sweet baby sister Izzah wishing me a happy birthday using my mom’s phone. I miss you so sweet pea :*

4.    My dad made a call right after he back from work. He was joking around so I beg for my birthday gift haha.. I love you too dad! I’m still your little girl, forever!!

5.    My brother who say nothing at first, suddenly wishing me a happy birthday in the night via Facebook. Oh my God.. Can we become more dysfunctional? We’re live in a same house! Whatever. I really appreciate it bro! Thankies for being cool brother for me :)

6.    One of my best friends, Widyasari, called me after Isya’ time. Wish me a sweet birthday by phone. She was busy all day, so I really appreciated it if she spared time like that. Thank you darling :*

7.    My man.. who was sick but still forced himself to take me out in the night. Gimme a sweet bouquet of roses, a mini tripod…  all were from my birthday wish list. It surprise me a lot!! :) I never find another way to say I really, really, appreciate what you have done to me. Why you have to be so nice? :) You are the greatest gift from Allah last year :)

He took me to East Cost Pakuwon City cause I wanna see Hush Puppies sale hihi.. 
Then we ended eating in Solaria.

That was New Year Eve's night. I told him "I wanna see fireworks!" 
So he buy it for me, and light it for me..

Yayy!! Fireworks on my yard :))

8.    My high school buddies texted me or wishing me a happy birthday via Facebook: Widya, Pyut, Gendhis, Donny, Intan, Reja, all 8 Splendid guys… you are all the best! I miss you all...

9.    Last but not least.. for you all who spend your money, your internet quota, your time only to wish me a happy birthday, thank you.. thank you very much. I really appreciate it. I’m sorry I can’t mention all your name, it will become a very long list :p. But trust me, you were all in my heart. Thank you for make my day, for all hopes and prays. I love you all :)

For all this happiness, the greatest thank you I presented for Gusti Allah. Matur nuwun sanget Gusti Pangeran… Terima kasih untuk segala karunia-Nya… maafkan hambaMu yang berlumur dosa tetapi tetap Kau beri nikmat yang tiada putus-putusnya. Mudah-mudahan saya masih diberi kesempatan untuk merasakan ulang tahun berikutnya dengan kualitas iman yang lebih baik dari sekarang… Thank you Allah, thank you very much :)

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