Monday, January 10, 2011

Allo 2011!*

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb

Whoa, I found I rarely using salam when I start my post, eh? Well, I do better for next time…
Anywaayy morning lads! Such a good day to write any post. I know it’s already 10th January but I hope it is not too late to post something about reflection of 2010, resolution for 2011, such a thing :)

My bf once told me about the book Tuhan, Inilah Proposal Hidupku** (which written by Jamil Azzaini, the husband of Sofie beatrix, the owner of Asamedia. What is Asamedia, just continue reading  :D ). Alhamdulillah it made me realized that I should make a real, detailed plan for my future. In order to make it happen, I started it by make a list about what I have achieved, experienced, learned, in last year then evaluate it so I can make a more detailed and progressed plan for the next. Why would I write about those things here? Doesn’t it too private? Achmad Ferdiansyah, one of the 25 Inspiring Students of ITS said that spread your dreams so everybody knows and help you to achieve those dream.  Good point, bro! So here it goes… things made 2010 become so special for me. Bismillah…

1.    Learned a lot about what called endurance

2.    Understanding people better. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

3.    Get my first book illustration published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama. Alhamdulillah.. you can check how it looks here

4.    Started working as freelance designer in Asamedia. Alhamdulillah again…

5.    Improving writing ability. I feel my writings become lighter and well-read. But still… nothing can be said about the grammar haha..

6.    Inspiring someone by blog. Whoa, it feels great when someone tweet about my post and said that was a good one. Really makes my day! :) *this post actually who gain me many feedback

7.    Become the Coverage Coordinator of ITS Online since March 2010. I still fight for the best, of course!!

8.    Feel happy almost all year. Yes, beg less accept more.

9.    Launched 25 Buku Mahasiswa Inspiratif with my colleagues which I become layouter and editor :)
see more about it here :)

10.    Our City Branding task for DKV 4 subjects appreciated by Bangkalan Residence!! They soon will use our concept to be implemented there! What an honor!! Our works include the logo design, supergraphic, event and media support.. Please wait for the update news :)

11.    I’m still with Aulia… a social community which I’ve become part of it since my first year as uni student as a lecturer. Even I’ve get the up and down, I feel blessed that I’m still with it. Hope someday I can do more than just give my time and energy. Amin.. *excited to know more? Don't hesitate to ask me :)

12.    I found someone… No more talk about it, you can read here :p

13.    Have a blissful birthday. More about it here

14.    Feel be loved by people around me; family, friends, colleagues, teacher... all! I’m sorry if I can return all you kindness to me… I’m trying my best for the next :)

15.     Learned a lot too about distressed and something else that really matter in life. Simply I learned a lot of things in 2010. Alhamdulillah… Not all was a happy one, but I feel blessed given any chance faced bad things which made me tougher than before. Thank you Allah :)

That’s the big things. Maybe I left some, but that was the big picture of my 2010. Then how about my plan for 2011?

1.    I plan to take English course again. The last one I had was in junior high school and I felt lack of it. Don’t talk about the TOEFL score, my grammar and listening really need to be fixed ASAP *I’ve take it. Start from February 7th I’ll become the high intermediate level student of English First. Wish me luck guys! \^0^/

2.    Take French course. Oh, I have been in love with all about France since I don’t know. I used to learned  this language by myself in a high school but so far all I can say is je ne parlez francais pas tres bien.. (Translated: My French is awful! Haha..) *I’ve did it too. Next Saturday will be my first day become a DELF A1 student in CCCL Surabaya. Super excited!!

3.    Finished my Bandung serial post.. bring it onnnn!!

4.    Finished my first book. Amin

5.    Win any competition in writing/ design area. I hardly submitted any work in such competition since become uni student... What a lazy lady… I should manage time better this year so I can spare time for my self esteem. Bismillah..

6.    Writing serious literature. I mean poems, things like that. Actually I’ve been a lil bit wee known in my hometown as one of the ‘it girl ‘in literature haha... so you see how Amien Wangsitalaja feel so sorry that I haven’t made any writings since i left high school...till now I almost finish my study in uni. Uh oh.

7.     Build Dear Darla..  An accessories line I've do with my mates. Wait for the spoiler very soon! :)

8.    Arrange my life goals.. I should take it seriously. Bismillah..

That’s it. The big picture of my 2011 resolution. I’ll post later the more detailed plan if I already make any :)

"Tell everyone what you want to do and someone will want to help you do it." - W. Clement Stone
via @ihatequotes

Btw, talk about fun fact, I’ve ever made a post about my 21st birthday in January 2010. You can see about it here. In that post I made a silly statement below my photo (the one which captured me blowing the candles). I said ‘God please gimme cute boyfie after it hahaha…’ I swear I don’t take it seriously! I was joking anyway. See, I used ‘cute’ instead of 'nice' hihi… But it’s really happen then! I mean the point of having boyfie, not the cute part... #peektomybf :p :p.. Kidding, my man! You’re more than cute ofkorz :p
Another funny thing is the fact that my current bf is the one who told me about it hehe.. Ha! I was impressed he remembered that super old post :p. Lesson: we should really take care about what we write/ talk. Even it sounded like jokes, God hear, young lads. Whoa.

That’s all from meee... Hey, how about you? Do you make any resolution too for this year? I’ll be excited if you share yours! Come on! :)

*french, in English means Hello 2011!
**God, This is My Life Plans


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