Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cooking Time!

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb
Hello peeps! It’s a nice Sunday morning I have today so far. I called my bf in the early morning, around 02.30 AM. Gosh, we had a very serious talk for that early.. uni life, politic, haha.. But in the end I told him about my cooking learning session with my grandma yesterday.. Yes, I cook! What?! What do you mean by showing that expression, heh? :p

I learned to cook Gulai Kambing :)

Umm, honestly that was my grandma who cooked, I just watching over her, trying to remember all the spices needed hehehe..

I don’t know what the English version of Gulai Kambing. Yes it is a Middle East dish and since my parent grew up in Middle East circles, Ampel, this meal become a must to eat in our family, even for daily eat*.


Actually I’ve ever cooked before. Not very often, most of time only breakfast or when I’m in the mood hehe.. Just simple dish, like fried rice.. kinda things.I share you the pic, eh? But please don’t humiliate me :p

Miso soup-suppose-to be. Actually it was tofu added in sweet thin sauce ;p

Fetuccini with chicken cheese sauce

Steamed potato! Snack. It supposed to be baked, but I have not any steamed work as well hihi..

Typical quick breakfast. Scrambled egg+smoked beef+salad+fries
Anyway, fun fact, my dad was sooooo surprised I learned to cook. He keeps wondering what’s goin on me haha.. Daddy, your lil girl is growing up, kay? Do you think I won't cook along my life? :p

Catch up later people! Happy Sunday! Rise and shine! :)

*People used to cook Gulai Kambing only in special occasion like Eid Adha


Agustine Trie Utami said...

mau mau mau... tak kerumahmu ya za :D

misstyzha said...

sudah tidak ado cutoo..akku masak di rumah datuk,n dimakan di sana. ga mbontot ehehe

essa_satu said...

ihirrrr..,makin rajin belajar masak...asik2

misstyzha said...

its for you afterall.. *lhoh!*