Monday, March 21, 2011


Hi there people! Well I am still trying to keep my promise, blogging regularly.. Wish me luck :) After all yesterday I was invited to be the speaker in Journalistic Training presented by Emissivity, journalistic club of Chemical Engineering Student Society, ITS. It was the second chance I became the speaker for them.. Last year I was invited to give presentation about Photo Journalistic. But for this year, I gave the Online Media presentation. To be honest I’m not in the mood anymore to give any presentation, or even become any speaker, talk about regeneration.. But in special case, with suitable material, I’m in :)

Well, God and you all know that I’m skinny girl. Most of people assume that I don’t like eating..kinda of things. But truly, I have great appetite for dishes. Need some proof? :p

Chicken Cordon Bleu at Solaria. My first crush :9

I'm craving for any tea with milk..Tarik Tea

Sweet and Sour Squid, still from Solaria

Izumi's sushi. Great deal. Yummy with reasonable price :)

The milkshake and cappuccino from Coffee Corner Surabaya (CC). My bf add some Ayam Jago chocolate haha.. Oh and just fyi, CC has the tasty hot chocolate drink..Give it a try :)
Spilled corn at Manna Cafe

Soto Banjar. Childhood memories..I found the one which is good in Mulyosari, Sby.

Sop Sumsum..Ah, another guilty pleasure.. Found in the same place like Soto Banjar

One of favorite snack, Daily Fresh corn! Haha..

Potato Wedges at Coffee Toffee

Lasagna @ PH. I love Italian food :)
Aaaanndd..favorite sweets are Holland's Bakery lemon cake!

Wanna know a secret? I probably a food photographer in the previous life :p

Have a good day fellas! Much love from me! xoxox


lisana icha said...

you make me drool hehe

misstyzha said...

drool over the pics (?) :D