Friday, March 18, 2011


Hello people! New post after long, long hiatus. Pathetic... but I know you will forgive me eh? :p
Things going around well in my side. I mean  I get another moodbooster. In fact,  I try to make myself as busy as I can cause.. yeah it’s a given that I’ll finish my study one semester later than my friend so I should pay the time with something good and useful for myself. I can be late, but I should not be left. Ganbatte! XD

Oh I’ve just attended something really important in my bf’s life. Graduation hihi.. :p

see the banner behind him? He's the one with wide smile in the M letter X))

Ah sorry but I have to say this. I felt nervous ‘cause it was the first time I met his family, especially his parents. I get goose bumps when we went dinner together the night before the graduation. But things went well at the time so in the next day I didn’t feel awkward getting along with his family all day long during the graduation process :) I even babysit his youngest brother hihi.. kinda hyperactive but surely cute toddler :D

left to right: me, his sister; Nisa, him, Pak Wardi; family friend, his brother; Salas, his mom with Royyan, the youngest then the father and youngest sister Salsa. A huge family! :)

Personally I think I have common in personality with his mother hihi.. the frontal attitude :p... so it’s relieved 'cause I didn’t need to hold something or what in front of her haha..

looked happy? :p

Anyway congratulation to my bf! Remember, graduation is just another beginning, dear... Keep fighting for the future :) Ah the last is for all of us :)

I'll see you later! xoxoxox

*PW stands to pendamping wisuda in Bahasa..someone who accompany you during the graduation process. It can be anyone, of course; family,friends... But it's definition has been changed and become a joke around student; PW is someone special; bf or gf..or maybe someone you've been in crush :p


hello yellow! said...

oalahhh iki tah fotone. ahh abis diedit. gak asik :p
eniwei, ngguyumu lo mekso. 'lil bit nervous eh? bwahahahhahahahhaha!!! :)))

misstyzha said...

yaampunn..diedit juga cuma diganti BW..abis kl g di BW terlihat dgn jelas sekali wajah saya yg merah haha..

nervous si enggak. udah gda ortunya soale wktu malu soalnya yg motoin mas fani, n masnya cengengesan mulu hahaha