Thursday, May 19, 2011

May Update!

1.Had just attended the wedding of my sister’s friend. Sounds fun, eh? We didn’t know his sister personally but had been invited to her wedding. So what happened there was, instead of taking pictures of the bride and the groom we took ourselves hihi..

Bhangga, a friend of us. Yes, you guessed right! The wedding was using Java tradition so he dressed up like that :)

Ah and my bf accompany us as a driver hihi.. The wedding was located away from our home so the girls asked me whether my bf can drive for us. “You know if we use motorcycle the make up won't last!!’’ they cried. Haha okay baby.. XD

PS: the girls looked like that high cause they were using high heel! I need to confirm this cause I bothered with the fact they looked higher than me in the pictures ;p

2. Finished my first round in English course. I got 87,5 % of final result. Not bad.. But I’m not satisfied with my listening and grammar assessment. Not surprising actually tsk tsk.. need to study harder right after it.

3. Also finished Bilangan Fu by Ayu Utami. Haha..I know I know it is so last year, eh? But I just haven’t read it yet.. Everytime I see this book in any bookstore I always think that this book will last long so I will buy it in the next visit. That things go on and on. Until I found C2O, a magnificent public library which fulfills your needs with all that high taste book haha.. I can’t believe I use that word. I was already had Catatan Pinggir 4 by Goenawan Muhammada in my hand when I accidentally spotted the Bilangan Fu. So this book finally beats me! I took it home and finished in two days.

To be honest, I have been worship Ayu Utami since a long time. I read Saman when I was in Junior High School, which surprised my teacher a lot. I enjoy her following book, Larung which made me cried a lot in the end. I also read the Parasit Lajang and now I enjoy Bilangan Fu as much as her other books. I might not a good book reviewer and I am not tend to review it as it should be, formally, but let me say something about this book, and lil bit about Ayu in my eyes *woohooo*.

I never enjoy other Indonesian books like Ayu’s. Her writing style use a metaphor, scientific, poetic all in right amount which made the words light and a very well read. And very beautiful. Or like Ignas Kleden said, in the best parts her words shine as crystal.

For some people her writing is too bold. I admit it. She write about politics and culture, environment, human beings and spirituality. But in other hand she also write about sexuality, even it is not the biggest part of it. I can say that she broke the line. Line that we as Eastern made about what girls should do or not do. Simply like she said if man dates many girls why people amazed at him like he is hero but why if girl do the some people called him a bitch? Which is good for me at least in some part. Her way of writing later inspired other woman author to write in that woman freedom-ish literature genre called sastra wangi.

Well back to Bilangan Fu. It has Ayu’s style. I found many similarity with Larung. Politics, religion, social issue. Personality of the main character. The plot. And the surprising ending and teary which I love the most. All I can say is yes you should read it. Or at least you should read one f Ayu’s book before you die. It doesn’t mean you should agree with her way of thinking, but take it as appreciation for one of Indonesian most influenced author :)

Well, that's all! Anyway I’ve told you that I took the French course too. It’s nice I’m now in Debutant B (up one level). But I felt lack of motivation every time goes to French course..  Poor me, it is not not about the language it’s about the teacher ..*sigh* Wish I can kick the personal thingy and only gain the knowledge ya.. Hopefully? :)

See you soon people! A bientot! Much kisses!

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