Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not a Very Good Thing to Begin May

Hello mid-day, people... Well, not ordinary time to blog, at least for me. But there was something happened that I should blog as soon as possible, or I will explode :(

Okay, I start it by admitting that I’m mess. I’m become a moron, especially nowadays. You ask me why?

Last April 29th was my mom’s birthday. I have just remembered about that when my lil sister called me. This morning. 

Between our silly chat suddenly she asked me why I didn’t wish my mom a happy birthday. I just... felt like slapped in the face. Like, oh my God, what’s the date? I totally forget about it. How come, I don’t know... :(

It’s not over yet.  In the silence after the question, soon I realized that yesterday was hers too. My sister still in 3th grade of elementary school but she already has those maturity manner. I mean she didn’t yell at me about why I didn’t say anything to her yesterday. But she mad at me because I said nothing to my mom. Yes, that 9 year old kid. Now you ask who is older...

I don’t know how to say it clearly. I feel bad, really bad. I amfeel embarrassed to myself for being such ignorant and egoistic. What I’ve been doing so I forget my own family’s birthday? Am I that busy? Ha ha. :’(

Mom, I’m really sorry. I’m very sorry mom. What should I do? Even sorry doesn’t make a sense, to be honest :’(
And for Little Ocupa..Oh dear.. :’(

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