Saturday, June 18, 2011

Half June

Morning people! Haven't post anything more than silly talk about love nowadays hihi.. Hope you don't mind since I've been staying in love with this guy for almost 7 months.. (tomorrow will be our 7th monthversarry! Yayness!) and still, I can't see whether this blooming feeling will soothe hihi... He is my muse for sure!! :))

Anyway it's almost holiday, eh? I don't feel the feeling yet.. In fact, I'm not going home this holiday, which made my counting-days-to-holiday become so lameee... I was looking forward about going back home, when suddenly, BUM! Something happened and I'm not able to make it. Why, you probably ask? It's because I may have..well.. called it surgery in early July. But please please don't tell anyone since the date haven't fixed yet.. Pinky promise? :p

Well, update huh? Oh have I told you that I almost finished my Debutant B level of my French course? But still I need more than a courage to write full post in French haha.. Still long road maann... Unfortunately, I am not going to continue it yet since I will busy with my Final Project IF I still wanna graduate next March (please please God let me graduate next March pleasee.. so I can get married soon). I might continue it as soon as the air flows to me..but for now, as a subtitute, I plan to exercise in gym regularly. The fat around my stomach and hip really kills. Euh.

I will miss spaghetti of Cirkel Cafe in CCCL ;'')

Oh and what else? Well about my English course now I'm in Upper Intermediate 2B if I'm not mistaken. In this course we taught by both native and Indonesian. Next week we will taught by the native since in previous half level we've had been taught by Indonesian. I don't know should I write this or now, but I just need to write it, pardon me if it sound harsh or what..but I think my teacher, last Indonesian teacher are crazy you know. Yes, crazy. I mean, come on, should she wear a TIGHT MINI skirt for teaching? It doesn't make a sense since the student we're in a high school and university.. Is she going to looked appealing or what i am not sure.. She even didn't consider about how she should sit down with those mini tight skirt! Don't ask.. and she laugh like Cruella Devil. Oh she admit that she is vain too..which describe everything.. Well anyway people are different that's all I can say. Case closed.

Another thing is, since my mood booster out of town and most of my friend busy with their final project I spend most my hanging out alone. I am not complaining, I don't mind being alone. It makes me appreciate solitude. My favorite 'me time' is when I just sitting in the coffe shop, writing something in my journal (most of it were plan. Yes I love planning!) while grab a cup of tea or coffee... perhaps with some snacks. Just like this one, when I spent lazy noon in Coffe Toffee Klampis, Surabaya.

The signature whenever I spend my me time. Journal, pen, iPod and of course mobile phone

Since I don't enjoy sweets very much, I pick the black tea one which have a bitter taste in the end

Mushroom soup. Different from others, they didn't chop the mushroom but blend it which cause strong mushroom odor

That's all I can say.. Oh one thing again, I beg your pray for my final projects. If things going well, I'll face pre-final bar next early semester. Whoaa I get goosebumps everytime I remember it!! Wish me luck guys! I'll see you around! xoxxoxoxooxoxox

PS: I stop talking with my bf. I'm getting mad of him. Too bad it happened a day before his birthday. But I just... mad as a hatter. He keep doing the same mistakes and now I'm having my period. Poor boy, for now you lost me *sigh*

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