Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Man Turned into 23

Decide to make a typo-based poster of my bf's face for his 23th birthday. Since I used the same technique for my Advertising class, he keep bugging me to made him one :p 

So here it is boy, hope you like it :)

Joyeux vingt-troisième anniversaire mon petit copain..
Succès pour vous, Que Dieu vous bénisse toujours.. Je t'aime ♥

Anywaayyyy I'd like to post the original photo which I used for the poster hihi... It was taken by myself on our first meeting last year, June 2010.. Ah, it felt sooo long time ago, did it? :')

In case you're wondering, HE who fall in first. Later he said it's more like love at first sight.. Ah, attracted in a first sight sound more suitable ;p So please don't trust every single bit if he start to tell  you something like I'm the one who did hihi... He like to be joking around about that ;p

And yes, today is also our 7th monthversary! Wish we can keep up the good work till time to tie the knot ya.. Beg for your pray :)

I'll see you around people! xoxoxoxo

*if I am not mistaken, the French words above means ''Happy 23th birthday my boyfriend.. Good luck for you, may God bless you always..'' and for the last one I'm sure you know what it means, eh? ;p

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