Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#Day 13 — Someone you wish could forgive you

I should admit it was a rrreally hard theme. I need to think about it for few minutes before deciding what I am going to write. Anyway, I have no one that I wish could forgive me. Yes, I'm not lying. If there is someone I need to ask for apology, I'd go for it. And if he or she, poor me, does't want to gave that thing, that's fine. I mean I'd already ask, so that's their problem, God knows. I don't give a shit about wishing they would change their mind or not. But.. of course, I'd think in that way because...

First, I'm not that stupid to make a mistake that people generally will think it is unforgivable. Not to mention betrayal. Oh, white lies could be okay for some people, but betrayal? Oh come on. Me myself won't forget and give any forgiveness to the one who did to me. So, on what earth I'll do the things which me myself hate? Simple.

Second, I ask for apology cause I really mean it. If I say 'sorry' that means I really feel sorry. I see people who only say sorry to make their selves feel better after get an apology. That's gross, sorry. People of that kind only think about their selves. They tend to continue do the things that hurt others only to say sorry afterwards. So yo see, the apology itself lose its sense on them. Pathetic.

There were times when I knew I did the things which didn't satisfy people, some people or even just someone. Sometimes I felt sorry to made them feel that way, the feeling of unsatisfied or maybe... hurt. If I also feel sorry for what I did, I'll ask for apology, that's what I mean by really mean the 'sorry'. But, if it just about what they feel and I think I didn't do something wrong I'll simply say I feel sorry for the feeling that caused by me. Only for that feeling, not for the things that I have done. That is a big difference between them.

Well, I suppose it is going to be a bit serious post, eh? ;p Relax people... and enjoy your life! I'll see you in no time!

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