Friday, July 22, 2011

Friends and the Mealbox

Hi people morning!! Yeayyy it's already Friday! Funny that I am still craving for weekend even I am in holiday now hihi..Anyway yesterday my mates in ITS Online were so nice to dropped by to my house. Yes they came to visited me after I got the eye surgery thing. Whoa... it was so nice of them! Of course we had a lotsa chit chat with food around. Ahh thank you guys for coming, I rrrreaally appreciate it! Nice to hear from you all! *smooch*

Oh I've been browsing through my old photos and found these ones..

That was my first time cooking for my bf. I made him a healthy breakfast and put it in a meal box before wrapped it. Rice, omelet, Ayam Kalasan chicken, soup, and also watermelon with brownies as a dessert. He didn't know that I was going to made him something so he was waiting for me impatiently; I was late four our meeting-blame the chicken! After all his anger was paid off after he realized what I had made to him. Gorgeous moment :)

I learn to cook better since then!

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