Friday, August 12, 2011

Spicy Tuna

The freezing tuna finally was cooked :)

Chopped tuna + chopped onion, onion leaves + condiment (leftover from previous cooking) + seasoning (sugar, salt, oyster sauce) all cooked with a lil bit cooking oil and margarine.

Itt was my first time cooking using tuna. I found out that the texture of this fish was similar with beef in some way. It was more solid that pindang or sort of them and has a strong fiber with make the fish needs to be cooked any longer. So I fried the tuna first till it half cooked before added some additional things and seasoning.  I enjoyed the food with mashed potato. Yummy!

Actually I cooked this dish for iftar, but it turned out that I cooked too much for single consumption. So what I do next was kept the leftover in the refrigerator. Next day when we had a morning meal, I took out it, heat it while adding some sweet sauce and enjoy it again with cold mashed potateawhich was still left too haha... When the first dish taste spicy and more savory, the one we had later was sweeter.  The simple adding sweet sauce action made the same dish taste different. My brother complimented me for that haha... He said 'Whoa, surprisingly delicious!' :p

I'll see you later!

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