Friday, September 9, 2011

A Super Belated Birthday Present


2 weeks before Eid Mubarak finally a birthday present for my bf was arrived... I was so relieved!
I had no confidence at all with the present since he gave me an amazing surprise on my last birthday... so you see how happy I was when he said he was still smiling day after the package came. Yay, he loved it!!!

Decided to gave him a love-at-first-sight shirt that I saw in one department store. It had fabulous cutting and nice details that (I think) would suit him, a handmade notebook with my own illustration, and my first handmade stitching key chain. I won't show you the key chain since it had an initial of his nickname, which is a secret hehehehe....

I'll see you around people! x

PS: This guy is gorgeous. He made this one for me... not to mention an unforgettable day with him too :p
       Unfortunately, he said that the shirt is a lil bit tight for him, even still okay... Wondering Watchout may have a smaller  fitting..

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