Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beautiful Hat

Beautiful Hat

pencil and markers on paper
retouched in Adobe Photoshop CS3 

Have I told you that I love colors? I rarely let my illustration in black and white. Even if I did, I'd put any bright color as an eye catcher. Most of time I use any piece of paper or I draw in my diary. I have a diary which have beautiful brownish papers that really look like a recycled paper; I can't help doodling all the pages! I don't really fancy digital illustration, I prefer doing manual. However I usually retouched the brightness contrast in my design software. Oh, what else? Well, it's Sunday! I'm going to out of town right after this, sort of family gathering. I hope you enjoy the last day of weekend too :)

I'll see you around gorgeous people!! Will be lotsa illustrations ahead! I'm in the mood right now! Kisses!


designani said...

cute :D

misstyzha said...

wow mbak nani you dropped by! :D're my inspiration for sure!!