Sunday, October 9, 2011

How's Your 2011 So Far?

1.    I plan to take English course again. The last one I had was in junior high school and I felt lack of it. Don’t talk about the TOEFL score, my grammar and listening really need to be fixed ASAP *I’ve take it. Start from February 7th I’ll become the high intermediate level student of English First. Wish me luck guys! \^0^/

2.    Take French course. Oh, I have been in love with all about France since I don’t know. I used to learned  this language by myself in a high school but so far all I can say is je ne parlez francais pas tres bien.. (Translated: My French is awful! Haha..) *I’ve did it too. Next Saturday will be my first day become a DELF A1 student in CCCL Surabaya. Super excited!!

3.    Finished my Bandung serial post.. bring it onnnn!!

4.    Finished my first book. Amin…

5.    Win any competition in writing/ design area. I hardly submitted any work in such competition since become uni student... What a lazy lady… I should manage time better this year so I can spare time for my self esteem.Bismillah..

6.    Writing serious literature. I mean poems, things like that. Actually I’ve been a lil bit wee known in my hometown as one of the ‘it girl ‘in literature haha... so you see how Amien Wangsitalaja feel so sorry that I haven’t made any writings since i left high school...till now I almost finish my study in uni. Uh oh.

7.     Build Dear Darla..  An accessories line I've do with my mates. Wait for the spoiler very soon! :)

8.    Arrange my life goals.. I should take it seriously. Bismillah..

Things above is my 2011 resolution which I wrote in the early of this year. Now is October. Wow, something. It may sound cliche but, hey, is it just me but is it really time flies so fast? 

Two months ahead we will facing December, the end of the year. Anyway we still have 2 months ahead to fulfill everything that already we had planned for this year. For me myself, I don't have problem with number 1, 2, 6, 8. For number four, I'm still working on it... For number 5, I think I should wait till the very last time; I'm waiting some big news around here... And for the rest.. well, we also should wait till early next year when I will write sort of kaleidoscope of 2011. So far, it's quite satisfy year but I'm willing to make it better than ever. Of course :)

So, how's your 2011 so far fellas? Tell me :)


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