Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chicken Wings to Warm You Up

Decided to gave my tummy a decent supper and 'me time' combo so I landed in nearest Pizza Hut alone...  By the way have you tried their New Orleans Chicken Wings? I'm not a big fan of chicken; I prefer seafood or beef but this one is an exception :9 

spicy, savory... simply  H E A V E N

Potato Wedges and Chicken Teriyaki Ribs

I've no complain about potatoes (of course hehe) but the teriyaki sauce is a bit to sweet for me.

...and a cup of Dilmah tea which perfect for everything!

Anyway the raining season has been started. I hardly go out in the afternoon since it is almost raining all the time. All I can say is, I'm looking forward to sunny days!

A bientot! xxx

PS: Waaa.. I'm going to have my second bar maybe in a few days away! Pray for me guys! I won't be really settled down until March! 


Vivid Virginia said...

They all look delicious! I should try:)

White Honeyr

misstyzha said...

Yes you should :) Anyway thank's for visiting :)