Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Birthday Girl

* the photo was taken by my travel mate Dila in Bandung, October 2010

So here we go, it's official I become that 23-years-old-lady. No mourning because of getting older but also no overwhelming happiness. So how does it feel? Basically normal, but deep inside I feel a lil bit sad... I suppose that is a lil girl in me who realized her life quota is decreased a year... Well, c'est la vie :)

Despite the lil bit blue feeling, I feel very blessed today. And so I am going to give a thankful speech :)


  • First thanks of course goes to God's Almighty, Allah SWT, who gave me life, a very beautiful life. God, thank you very much for the opportunity to live, to feel happy, to feel hurt, to achieve, to make a mistake then learn from it, simply for everything! 
  • To my mother an father, for becoming a superb parents for me and my siblings... I was more than realized that I still haven't become your best children but I'm on my way... There's no bigger happiness for me as make you both proud. Until the rest of my life, that's what I'm trying to do, Mom, Dad, make you both always proud and happy :')
  • To Adin n Izzah... it is a blessing having siblings like you all. I am sorry for the yells, for the angry, for the bad mood times... It may not seen as it is, but I never imagine another brother and sister who greater than you both. I love you, tadpoles!
  • To my big Ampel family. Nothing can beat family bond! This is the real home :)
  • Another family who treat me like their own siblings... ITS Online, Despro 2007, 8th Splendid... Too much to say dear friends...  I wrapped everything in a big thank you! :)
  • Last but not least, of course my dear MasnyaMisstyzha. Now it's clear why I was born with all these imperfect; there is you to complete me :) I love you! I almost can't wait till that day comeee.. aargghhh!! #publicsecret :D
  • And of course for you all, friends, readers, who give me your warm greetings, sweet comments, read my daily babbling hehehe...thank you! I am a year older today and I promised I'll do better each day I grow up! Pinky promise! :D

Then, have a super day and enjoy your New Years eve night outs or ins! See you next year, cupcakes! Oh and don't forget your NYE's resolution! xoxoxoxo

*just fyi, my mom said I was born in 2.30 PM. So you know I'll try post in exact time as I was born! Heheh...


lisana icha said...

new year, 'new age' spirit! :)

misstyzha said...

amin! :D

essa.abubakar said...

happy born day my love..;)me too, cant wait till the day come..bismillah