Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Introducing: Next Indonesian Top Models

Found these photos when I was cleaning blog's draft folder and feels like posting it rite now haha... I took it around December 2008 (based on the date of the draft) for my Photography class. Lotsa things have been change since that time, incredible!

I didn't change even the tones of the photos... OMG, I was so geek in photos editing back then... not to mention the model itself :))

So please welcome Next Indonesian Top Models! :))

Sorry for the bad quality of the photos, I can't re-edit it since the draft was made in Blogger old setting, and I was too lazy to find the original file in my hardisk ;p

I couldn't believe I forced Dila jumping in our 7th floor of university library and made my brother posing in Ampel Mosque on 6 AM... So sorry guys, but thank you for sure! I got AB for my Photography final score :))

If there's a chance to do it once again, will you guys?;p

I'll see you soon, cupcakes! Keep giggling! :))


essa_satu said...

Waaa,,both of the model are really "unyuuu"..hihi..but where's the photographer? I beat she's more unyu..*hahahagombal

misstyzha said...

oh itusih sudah jelas...the photographer is the unyuest of all (at least for you..iya kan??? #maksa :p)