Monday, December 19, 2011


I have one beautiful blue square-shaped notebook which I used as 'dream book'. I write all my dreams that is pop up from my mind there. Each day. Sometimes I read it through from the start. Sometimes I smile because I have achieved the dreams, in the other time it caused wrinkled in the forehead; that's when I found some that has not been achieved. Whatever is it wrinkle or smile, it recharge my spirit to do my best each day. I still have a lot of dreams to achieve.

One of my dream is having my own Singer. I have been crazy about handicraft since I don’t know. Hence having my own would be great; I don’t need tou sewing all day long by my hand literally. Furthermore, I can sewing my own clothes. Oh how great. I can sew my own skirt or shawl whenever I want! :)

Each sewing machine cost approximately two millions. I googled once but I don't know how much does it cost recently. I don't know exactly about sewing machine specification (Gosh, who knows they have a lot of features?!), but I think the basic sewing plus various embroideries features will just work out for me. Oh and it should be electrical sewing machine, of course :)

I planned to having this baby right after I get married. When that time comes I think I will have more time to spend my time doing my hobbies (bye school stuff! ;p). That's why I still have much time to learn about which type of sewing machine that suit me heheh...

Keep your spirit on fellas! 


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