Saturday, December 24, 2011

Homey Hometown

Hello people! How’s your day say far? Hehe I’m back to to the city after spent a very short holiday in my hometown. Aaaa... honestly I haven’t got enough of it but Final Project was calling so here I am back to the reality.. *deep sigh*

Hometown always be the best since I don’t’t need to worry about money; there're my mum and dad to pay everything (such a brat! hehehe..), there is my lil sister around; I can play with her all the time and get a free massage whenever I want (or force ;p). You know she is still 9 years old but she got the hand, I guarantee... and the peaceful environment where you can have a house without a fence and just park motorcycle outside without worrying about thief. So you know, only spent 5 day there was the lamest thing in my December so far *crying*

I didn’t take pictures as much as I was hoping for but I’ll share some snapshots which mostly about food hehehe.. It is obvious I ate a lot there!

One thing that I can proud of about Bontang is you have various foods. Bontang is a small city where most of it’s resident were immigrants; It’s a melting pot.You can easily find Coto Makassar to Solo meatball. Lamongan seafood to Padang food. Soto Banjar until Tahu Campur. And they were taste good! I never taste a better empek-empek like Bontang had; talk about where the food originally comes from...
So it’s clear that next back-to-hometown holiday will be longer and I will gain some kilos! :D

See you later, bees! :)

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