Monday, January 30, 2012

2nd Sneak Peek of Final Project

Like I have promised! Comments are welcome :)

tons of papers that still need to be detailed and finished. Painful, I must admit :p
For you who haven't heard it yet, I am going to make a children book for my Final Project. What children book? I'll tell you in the end ;p
I suppose it is the last sneak peek that I'd show you guyyss... Too much teasers are not good, yes?
The pictures you have seen above are still half finished; still need to be detailed before going to digital retouching phase. I'll keep the best for the last ;p

I'll see you soon, cupcakes! Hugggssss!!

PS: By the way, I post it in Monday, which if you remember, is my day-dedicated-for-writing-about-dreams. In case you're asking, I tell you that finishing this Final Project is one of my biggest dream this year heheh... Just in case, friend :p 


Artika Farmita said...

There must be Timun Mas! XP

tiara primadani said...

waaaw setumpuk gitu... keep fight tyzha... :)

misstyzha said...

@mbak tika
yess..or no. there are 3 different stories actually mbak hahaha

makasih tiaraa..doakan sgera bisa nyusul kamu dan teman2 ya hihihi