Monday, January 2, 2012


*photo was taken in Dream Island, Bali

I always have strong desire to beaches. Long back then, I always chose mountain than this sandy space; that was when I haven't got a chance to visit any beach except Kenjeran beach (if you don't know about it, please do Google. One of the dirtiest beach I have ever visited, unfortunately :( ) But when I finally got a chance to feel the real beach, I know I always want to go back.

I want to have retreat to these places. A regular retreat to these unlimited-view places. I want to have an every-three-month-trip, visiting beaches around Indonesia. Soon, my friend. Very soon. I'll save my money for that.


essa.abubakar said...

ehem ehem...You are committing to the right man. Cilacap has some beautiful beaches. We can go there anytime you want hihiih. I'm sure it's totally more beautiful than of Bontang. Hehehe..Eh actually, my love is absolutely longer than the existing longest shoreline ever..hehe

misstyzha said...

apasih biii..nggombal ae mesti haha..