Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Last Blast

Hello dear readers! It's been a loooooooong time I don't see you here... my fault! Real life has been treated me very well till I have no time to write here... Oh that doesn't mean I just write here when I was sad or what..no..no... the truth is I'm busy as a bee outside so when I got home all I wanna do was just meet my pillow! Hehe... Anyway here I am now, back to routines, so don't worry to not see me in weeks away; I am already here :D

So much things happened when I was doing my hiatus here... One of the best was my man spent weekend here, in Surabaya! Yipeee.. Even it was just two days I was more than happy to have him by my side :D Alhamdulillah... We spent most of the time outside the house, I can't tell you what it is, it's too risky! But sure  I was excited as hell! Just wait for some times more and you'll get the clue! Pinky promise! :D
When we were not outside, we stayed at home, talking about almost everything. Well, to be honest, two days was not enough... but he'll visit me again in next two weeks so I guess I should be patient :D

And... yes, of course, he gave me a birthday gift! Stand for painting and book! Super happy!!

I am ready to be the next Picasso!

I lost my words when I saw the title...  I even haven't married him yet... But sure it's good to do early preparation! :p

..and of course the usual lovely cards :'') Sorry for the silly expression; I was overwhelmed! :p

The funny story about the birthday gift is at first my man wasn't really happy with the fact that I didn't mention stand for painting or easel  in my last bday wishes. The truth is I had mentioned it before in my 22nd bday wishes. But since nobody seems like wanna give me that thing I decided to buy it by myself so that I didn't mention it in my next bday wishes! But my man, who really knew that I haven't bought it, decided to give me that tool, with big hope that he fulfill one of my 23rd bday wishes! So you know how he felt irritated  at first when he didn't found any words mentioned 'stand for painting' in my last bday wishes! Hehehe... So by this post I hope he'd be cheered up! I STILL want stand for painting as bday gift! Of course since I haven't bought that by myself, darling!!!

So I guess that was it... I'll see you later, fellows! Kisses and hugs!


essa.abubakar said...

Weeewww..busyet yaa really you keep your promise for posting that book..hadeuhh
hahahahah..sorry sorry, really I wasnt realized that I sat on your bag,,hehhe..peace..
yee,,see you next 2 week..:*

Tiananda said...

hhahahaaa cute! Fotonya lucu bangettt XD

btw, semoga lancar yaaa tyzhaaa (semua big plans di taun ini) ^__^

misstyzha said...

@mbak tia
iya makasih mbakkk..doakan sgera menyusul mbak tia lamarannya hihi..moga acaranya mbak lancar juga yaa