Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sunday Night-In

One of my favorite photos ever... It was captured one of our best moments :')

It was Sunday. I had promised him I'd accompany him went to Kampung Ilmu. Who would guessed, that day I got a terrible flu and fever...
He came in the morning, bringing me breakfast and soon after saw my condition, he insisted me to stay at home. Of course I declined. Strongly! So in the end we kept our plan but I took my jacket with me.

The day run speedy. He bought thrifted book, I bought brooch for his mom. In the afternoon he taught me how to drive and accompanied me buying new lenses for my glasses. But soon after we back home, I felt worse. My temperature raised and I kept on snot. Awful. So what can we do on such condition? Of course he would stay with me... but what else? 

Dirty tissues (eww.. my fault), blanket to keep me warm, and ginger water that he nicely made for us :')

We decided to do drawing together! :D

The idea was drawing together in A3 sized paper about our activity that day. Since I was not in my top condition, I picked a little space from the corner. But not with him. He greedily drawing over the paper...(this thing later who make me laugh over him while enjoying my siesta, watching happily he did his maximum effort to finish... I insisted he must finished what he had been started! Until the single piece! Hehe... )

And finally,  this is it! :D
The picture cover our day :') You know who drew what.

In the end, I must admit that was one of my best Sunday-night-in! Yayyy! :D

See you later, peeps! Kisses an hugs! enjoy your weekend :D

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