Friday, January 27, 2012

Which Color?

The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you! 
-Coco Chanel-

Another 'wow' quote that I found during my random browsing. Well, it may be difficult since I love almost all colors! From creme to black, from dusty pink to turquoise... Gold, yellow... ah so many! And I am almost sure all those colors were look good on me! ;p

Anyway talk about experience, couple weeks ago I dared myself  using inner hijab that my mom gave to me. It was lavender. And I was not into the color since it was too girly for me... But finally I started using it, paired with my white paris hijab. And you know? Surprisingly I looked fresh! I suppose I should started using shabby colors by now hehe...What? No, I didn't take my pictures that time... too bad :p

Well another truth is I did some dress up lately. It was because my man was hanging around here for couple days and I was trying my best too look good in him and didn't make him ashamed if we are hangout together. And I guess I made some hit outfits! But again, there is no picture since I was too shy asking him to take my pictures hehe...(I'm still working on my shy attitude near him :p)

I'll see you soon, people! Much kisses!!

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