Thursday, January 26, 2012

Daily Insight

Sure it's a really rare chance seeing me blogging in Bahasa. Not because I'm trying to brag or what but the truth is  try to improve my English skill by pushing myself blogging in this language. At times I must admit blogging with my mother language will be so much easier. There are still a lot of language problem, lack of vocabulary, wrong grammar, which made my English writing is felt plain. However, that's the risk that I must be faced... I really hope that someday, as days go by, I can both write and speaking English as fluent as I am yelling in Bahasa hehehe...

Few weeks ago I read an article in The Jakarta Post. Sorry for not remembering the details, but it was an interview with the founder of Gogirl! teens magazine (if I'm not mistaken remembering the name). It was explained how this magazine, in its first publishing years ago, can stole teen's heart, beating other older experienced competitors. In a very competitive market of teens magazine sure it was a real achievement!

It was pointed out that Gogirl! was placed itself as a friend to teenagers. As an example, when we talked about sex before marriage, the it-issue in teens life. Other magazines that times said it was prohibited, not good and so on. That were common song that we heard everyday if if I might said. I am sure everybody already know about it. But we sometimes we just didn't get the essence, no?

In the other hand, instead of acting like a preach, Gogirl! chose to said about honor our body right. Sex is about honor our body right, that's why we must really sure that we do it in a right time, with a right person. Wow.

Of course I wasn't paid by them by saying such a things, it just simple reading that broaden my mind, even I already left my teens life couple years ago haha... But sure, if I relate it with my major, a precise communication to the market really make a change!

So well, that's another random things popped from my mind. Anyway, please guyss.. give me your pray for my Final Project! I know my parent will kill me if I miss the next graduation... naudzubillahi min dzalik!
Oh and please also pray for my boyfriend. He has been sick for several days and I am tired spend days worrying about him!

I'll see you soon! Ciao, fellas!

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