Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Cat Eyes

Having a good times playing with make up previous days ago... I'm to shy to post it in full color since I still need a lot of study in this oh-so-girly-but-sure-it's-a-basic-knowledge thingy and the lighting was so bad that time, I can't make a trick of it.
Actually I was doing some tests for my upcoming almost-secret event so I put gold eye shadow in my left eyelid, and the grey one in my right to help me decide which one is look better. Turns out the grey one will suit my outfit better! :p Oh and don't forget about the magnificent eyeliner gel and mascara. I love Maybelline!
Practicing my cool face.. Even though I know my man will laugh out loud to this one :))

Enjoy your day, fellas! Kisses!

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