Monday, February 20, 2012

Ramblings and Babblings

Hey people, what's up? How are your Monday so far? Well, mine's is busy as usual! Today theme is cleaning entire house. I spent my morning by wiping and mopping the floor then doing laundry. Not to mention doing regular progress for my Final Project. Finally I'm done with the watercolor-ing! Next step is put the details using colored pencil..Well, before I lost my memories, I will tell you that my Final Project exhibition and last bar will be held this April! Whoaa!! That's mean no more Sims 3 and window shopping, eh?

Anyway as today is Monday, I'd like to post about my dreams! I know I know it will be more interesting if I post this sorta thing in the early morning, eh? But I've told you I was busy all morning! Well, just start it, eh?

In last Monday I had post about my dream to become a journalist. Today, my dreams won't be that far from all those writing thingy. I forget have I told you before about this, but even I was so thrilled about being a reporter for famous newspaper, I never think that I'll stick with that job for a long time. I mean, I should live in Jakarta, and God knows how I can't stand with traffic. Being a reporter is just like fulfill an old dreams. After I did it, I'm done with it. Too much thing will be abandoned if I choose to be a reporter for a long time. I mean, I soon will have a family you know.. But if I switch into contributor maybe the story will be different, well that's what I'm going to say next..

I also had mentioned in my last dream post that I'm so in love with the Sunday edition of Kompas since they have that lifestyle pages, most of contains fashion and the Parodi, a column written by Samuel Mulia that I head over heels. Ah, still they have them? I must admit I didn't read Kompas like for ages. I used to subscribed it but soon I found out it such a waste since I only read every Sunday (Yes, politics give me headache. And economy doesn't enough entertain me. Ah, I'm sorry for being an ignorant generation, fellas). So I just randomly buy Kompas if I go out on Sunday.

Well, that Samuel Mulia's column was the hit. I love how his sarcasm, I love the bitter humor, I love every piece of it. Sometimes I found his style in my writings (Blah. I am overrated). But the truth is he was the one who inspired me to do the same;

someday I want to have my own column where I can write everything and people won't bother about what ramblings I write about since they just love me, my writings.

Plus, having my own column won't force me to stay in the office 7 day/week nor spend days spinning around the city. Thanks to internet.

So, what do you think? Will I make a good column one? :p


sabilablabla said...

hehe... aku juga suka baca kolomnya samuel mulia ni.. keren.. kolom resonansi asma nadia di republika juga sering bikin insaf hehe.. sekarang si jarang baca koran *kere :p

Artika Farmita said...

You can be a writer, Zha. Journalist is not an everlasting job. Most candidates of parent-in-law think that a woman journalist is not their fave...haha *pengalaman pribadi sering disampahin narasumber tiba-tiba* ~_~