Monday, February 6, 2012

Dream House

Guys, have you seen the phenomenal Korean drama series Full House? I'll be very nice to tell any of you who haven't see this famous TV show that it was a love story about an arrogant movie star with a naive-writer-wannabe. Well, there's no point there actually... What I am going to talk about here is in the movie, the enemy-soon to be lover couple share a place in a magnificent, white-painted house called Full House (now you get where the title comes). Located in a beautiful coast, this minimalist, open space house stole my heart in a second.

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As I soon will leave my parents house and having my own place (shared with my loved one of course), I spend my time to think about what sanctuary I would like to have. I can't resist that the Full House is so wonderful... but thinking about living far from the neighborhood seems scary for me. How if the fire is starting? To whom I should ask for help? Or a lot worse than that, how if any rats popped out in front of me when my man isn't home?? I'll die instantly.

Since it will cost a lot of money, I won't complaining saving for years now that a huge house with a lot of rooms never fails me. I come from a big family (and so my husband-to-be) so I am dreaming having a huge house with a large living room so we can keep everybody in a big family gathering like in Ied Mubarak.

The house also needs at least three bedrooms. Two for the kids, and one for mommy and daddy.

A comfy pray room, of course.

A spacious kitchen, pantry and dining area since cooking is my new hobby (and my responsible later).

It must has a private library which soon will be fulfilled by our family collection :) Good for kids also, so they won't spend too much time in front of TV.

A studio and working place that connected to the library so the adults can finish their work from home. I can paint where my man is writing. Or vice versa. Or we do both together :)

Carport and garage that can accommodate at least two SUV.

Nice bathrooms and storeroom.

A maid room (in case we have a household helper who stay overnight).

And a  massive yard where I can do jogging around every morning (and place where (soon) those little creatures will be running around :') ). There will be also a tiny fish pond in front yard, swimming pool in the backyard and small garden so we can grow our own vegetables :)

Oh and a high fence that full of vines. Lovely :')

I am looking forward to have a house in sort of housing or estate because most of estate agents offer facilities that cover security and any plus-facilities like playground or sport center. I was born in a sort of place and I love it.
The house itself should be painted in off white but the interiors should be eclectic, a mix of everything! :)


So what do you think about my dream house, guys? A homey house is one of my biggest dream (and also most of you I suppose). I keep put a details in this dream over and over and still haven't get enough of it! :)

Happy Monday for y'all, cupcakes! xoxox


essa.abubakar said...

Sumpah yaa,,it's really inspirative dreams. And I'm sure (totally) that we can build the such dream house. Emm,,but emm,,then I realize that Bogor is far from seashore. It was mountainous..Aha!!!! I've just found right place where we can realize your dream. Remember, Cilacap and Tuban is near from Beach...yeeee..actually you find a reason for living in those city..hehhe

misstyzha said...'s clear you don't read every single piece carefully, honey.. I've mentioned in the 2nd paragraph that " living far from the neighborhood seems scary for me..". nah, it's mean that I'm no longer had any intention to live in seashore because of that --" (the Full House the only one building in several radius of kilometers, if you haven't noticed..)

next time you should read more carefully, yes? or it's just your new way to persuade me to live intuban or cilacap?? Ha! That won't work, I told you! ;p