Monday, February 27, 2012

Master in Cooking

I guess in previous weeks ago I spent too much of my time playing Sims 3... that's why God made my PC broken so I can  stabilize my daily routines this week. Ah, it feels good to see the good side of everything, yes? :p (But still, I hope they won't charge me too much with the repairment; I'm broke, no kidding)

Well, since today is the day to post about dreams, I'm going to tell you about one of my deepest desire,  recently, if I may add :p... Yes!! As the title show you clearly, I am dreaming about reaching level ten of cooking skill!! (Geez, it's another thing you familiar of in in Sims 3 actually..)

It's not mean that I'm going to compete in Master Chef and win the competition nor being famous chef or what... Master cooking for me means I able to cook everything I wanna cook without burning myself or ended with serving horrifying quality of meals! Yippeee! :D

And the good news about it is, I'm on my way! Yesterday I try to cook Spaghetti Carbonara without seeing the full recipe, based only my intuition hehehe..

butter + chopped leek, garlic and chicken + cream (you may substitute it with full cream milk) + salt n pepper

Pour into cooked pasta and done! :p

As it was my first experience, it was not bad even actually I didn't put pepper (I was running out of it) and I couldn't decide should I put Italian herbs or not (ended with no..whatever I am running out of it also).. so in my opinion it tasted a bit plain. But thanks for the magnificent butter and leek which save everything! Afterall I think the taste it's not that far with the one I tasted in The Rock before hehehe... *brag myself* Aandd.. I think it will be great if we put same sliced mushrooms also!
(I give you my personal advice, people; if you can deal with something creamy, go on with this :) )

Well, next stop should be sushi! Or lasagna! Or cupcakes! Or Pepes Telor Asin! (my grandma's legendary recipe ;p)

See you next time people! Smoochiess!

PS: I will be unavailable to post for quite long time, people, since I'm facing something big here and there and I think it's good time to runaway from internet some time... talk about my problem to focus! Please be patient since it will be pay off in my upcoming post, I swear! I won't be appear much in Facebook nor Twitter so if you need me, just kindly send me sms! I'll miss you all, readers! See you! 

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