Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Engagement Day


This may be the most beautiful post that I have ever wrote so far. I was so happy when I wrote this and  I just can’t help to share the happiness with you (and hopefully you will feel the same afterwards :) )

I never dare to dream that I would get a chance to face one of the most monumental day humans can ask. Last 24th, I woke up with a strange feeling, a mix of nervousness and happiness, a thrill, butterfly effect in my stomach. Because in that day, my boyfriend and his family would come to my house, to officially ask my hand in marriage.

The whole day felt like a dream. A scream from my brother ‘they are coming!’, seeing my loved one smiled when he was entering my house followed by his family... thank's to the nervousness for helping me to not bursting into tears.

And when his family representative offically asked myself, am I sure with my man, to be his future wife, and I just can bow my head and said 'Insha Allah, yes, I am' because I was too shy? I peek into the clock and keep in the heart that in March 24th, on 10.01 AM, I conciusly agreed to take further step into marriage with MasnyaMisstyzha. And for that, I felt really blessed :')

Then you know the next best thing? Honestly it was a really simple engagement reception. We even didn’t rent any professional photographer to capture the moment. It was the first time my parents and his meet, so we decided to make it private and intimate as much as we can. So you see, when I saw my father and his father with exciting discussed their work, my mother and his shared the same problem about weight... I knew I couldn't ask more. Family is everything, for me and him. So the fact that ours were getting along very well made us very very happy :) And again, I felt blessed!

soon-to-be family. Amiiinn!

So it was... One more step then I will be no longer 'single'. A bit sad to realize I will leave my house so soon but I know what lies ahead will be way much more interesting and I just can't wait to have someone that I will be waiting back from work for every afternoon in our little sanctuary... and little creatures that we will have later, oh dear :')

But, first I must finished my Final Project soon! :|
Well, I'm going to have the exhibition and last bar in the middle of April so I once again ask you to pray for me pleaseee... may God pay you in return! Thanks before! :)

And...yeah! Thank you for all the congratulations and your prayers for our engagement, thank you very much! It was so magnificent to see how many people care with us and it was so meaningful, thank you thank you, people :')

But the biggest thank yous of course going to Allah Almighty... thank you Allah for show the way and make it very clear for us...alhamdulillah... Your plan is always the best and I give up all to You... subhanallah :)

I'll see you soon, people! xoxoxox

PS: all the photos credit goes to my brother and my 9 y o sister :p


tiara primadani said...

Tyzha...selamat ya..ditunggu udangannya secepatnya :)

che calories said...

: " waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh tyzhaaaaaaa, selamat yaaaaaaahhh ♫ " :D

reezti said...

Huwaaaaaaaaa.... melu seneeeengg!!
ponakan! ponakan! saya minta ponakaan kakaaaaak..

misstyzha said...

@tiara n che
makasih yaaa..tr datang lho pas hari H :)

makasihh *keplak*