Monday, May 28, 2012

Love for Books

Hello people, what's up? I've been very busy nowadays preparing this and that for my upcoming wedding. I am really hoping that everything will be set up before July ends because I have plan to back to my home town for a while. Well, actually it's my mom's idea; she thinks home is the best place to gain my weight... which I should agree after all (she's have been crazy about me gaining my weight so I will look good in my wedding gown. Err...).

You know I haven't post regularly here on Monday, the day which I have declared as 'the day to post about my dream'. But today is Monday so I'll share another dreams that I will reach, sooner or later!

I've been known as a bookworm since I was a kid. My mom is working in a school library and she used to bring back some books for me. One of my favourite memories in my childhood was when it came to school holiday. My mom will take me and my brother to her work, where I and my brother spent time reading various books and comics from 7 AM to 12 PM. Sometimes I begged her to take me again after lunch.

My partner is same as crazy as I am in this bookworm thingy :) This is his pic in Kampung Ilmu,Surabaya; place where you can get second hand books

The newspaper also delivered to our house. Because we were living outside Java, the Kompas and Jawa Pos arrived in the afternoon. We used to kill the time while waiting Maghrib by reading newspaper. Oh it was a common things to see me or my brother fight over to my dad about I-pick-this-newpaper-first-so-I-get-the-first-turn-to-read-it :)

This bookworm genes was come from my parents. My dad hadn't so much money when he was young so he didn't have much books collection. But nobody will argue about his love for books now! And my mom, her father-my grandpa, have a huge collection of books since he was young, that will make you drooling over. Everything still neatly arranged and in a good condition until now. In his old, he still spend time by reading and regularly buying books, that's my grandpa :)

So you see... reading a lot of books will make you think about you write any of them someday. I think become an author is the coolest profession human can ask. You may can't be both a pilot and doctor, but you can be a pilot who write and doctor who also an author :) And since my bachelor degree is from Visual Communication Design, what will be more coolest thing than write, illustrate, and making your own cover of book? Nothing, my mate, nothing!

So, I guess after designing some book cover, it's time to take further step in doing what is inside not just outside :)

You have to promise that you'll get my copy of book soon it was published, yes, fellas ? :D

See you very soon! xoxoxo

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