Saturday, May 26, 2012

The 'It' Issue

I've been release my breath for a while since I almost done with my Final Project. Yeah, almost, since the score hasn't been out. For a while because I was soon started become busy as a bee preparing my big day that will be held this year, Insha Allah :). It's a tough job, since I am a perfectionist and sometimes a control freak (euh), but same as my Final Project, it's the path that I have chosen by my own and I promised to myself that I'll be enjoy it, every single bit :)

More or less, I've been inspired by Mbak Anggi in her blog, which she shared her wedding preparation, in detail, if I may add. I found the blog is very helpful and I learn a lot of tips from her about how to choose the right vendor, deal with them, matching between our wishes and budget (this won't be a problem if you have unlimited budget hehe..) et cetera et cetera. But one thing that touch my heart the most is how we are connected. How in this era, I've been feeling very thankful to the internet to let us shared the same feeling; enthusiasm, worries; facing our big day. I never know Mbak Anggi in real life, and so I think about most of her readers, but reading her stories made me feel that I have a friend who I can learn on from her experience. Ah, thank's to internet founder :)

And for that, I was thinking about the idea of sharing my wedding preparation process. I found Mbak Anggi's blog is really helpful for a bride-to-be like me (and yous, maybe) and I turned out with the idea that I wanna help others, ones like me, who lives in this century when you hope you can get almost answers by googling, or simply the ones who are too busy, or perfectionist,who hope themselves can hear all the reviews before choosing any vendor, for example. I wanna help others, like what Mbak Anggi's blog have done to me :)

But still, I need to compile all my courages to write sort of it... Because honestly wedding, despite all the babblings I have told you here or in real life, is still a big secret that part of my heart (maybe the biggest one) wanna keep it until the very end. Well, we see... Afterall I still can write such a review or post story instead of step by step diary :))

Oh yeah, just fyi Mbak Anggi is living in Jakarta. I found it's quite hard to find such a blog written by Surabayan blogger. I found one, not as detail as Mbak Anggi's, but still worth to click, own by Mbak Ocha who turned out my ex-junior in college eldest sister, Kiza. Now the thank you goes to Google :))

So...I guess I'll see you very soon. Kisses!

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