Saturday, June 16, 2012


I really had good times in my last visit to Jogja. It was my first holiday with my girls after the last I had in Bandung almost 2 years ago. Pathetic? Well just say I need to do savings :p

The starting was not that good, since I have to wait from 8 PM until almost 12 AM to finally have a comfy seat in the bus. I just ate half of my dinner because of the wrong schedule (too early!) which make me catch a cold during the travel. When we finally reached Jogja, I still didn't feel good so after having breakfast I skip my agenda to visit Prambanan Temple and have a rest until noon :(

Missed it... (photo by @om_tegas)

In the afternoon, Icha and Widya, who had just spent lovely morning in Prambanan Temple came to get me and we went to Raminten in Jalan Kaliurang to have a nice dinner. We were accompanied by Tegas, a friend of Widya, who was really nice to give us a free ride, even became our photographers for the next few days hehehe...

Actually our main agenda was to attend Mbak Senja's wedding. But beside that we also visit Prambanan Temple (without me, of course), visiting the legendary Malioboro and Pasar Beringharjo for buying some souvenirs, and the one that make this journey more remarkable was visiting Museum Affandi. Superyayyy!! Oh and I also met my high school friends that time :D

Enjoy some of my favourite snapshots, fellas! :)

First breakfast in Jogja; Gudeg Yu Djum!
Durian! ♥
Lumpia beside Hotel Mutiara that I always buy everytime I go to Jogja. Yummeehh..
Performer in Jalan Malioboro
Quality time wif hi school friends
I looked a bit pale without eyeliner, eh? Plus, I have just woke up from afternoon nap hehe..
The clue of efficiency is using the same outfit more than once :p Hail to mix and match! :D
The outside appearance of Museum Affandi's gallery... We were prohibited to take any pictures inside the gallery
Affandi's bedroom
Last treat before going back to Surabaya ♥

Such a joyful journey! :D

*the photos courtesy are belongs to @om_tegas, me, Icha and Widya :)


handa ramadhan said...

sumpah nan...bagus banget hasil foto-fotomu,,,
two thumb up...hhehehe

misstyzha said...

:') uuu jadi mayuuu..maaci kakak handa..ah masih harus banyak belajar kok hehe