Tuesday, June 12, 2012

M(r)s Senja's Vintage Wedding

Got a chance to attend my counsellor lecturer wedding in Jogja with my two partner in crime Icha and Widya... Congratulation Mbak Senja, Mas Gama! :D

The newlyweds... auww ♥
One thing that tickles my mind soon I bumped into the wedding venue was how cute the decoration is... Mbak Senja was famous for her love in vintage thingy but still I was impressed she and her husband really put an effort to create the vintage-one-of-a-kind ambiance in their wedding :D

The welcome decoration in the front door
from left: Icha, Yuya; our friend that help us a lot that day. Thanks Yuya!, Widya
Butet Kertaredjasa giving a bit of his words. He was a friend of the Mas Gama's family
A lot of Beatles' stuff. Turned out that Mas Gama is a big fan of them

Me posing with the wedding car! Hehehehe...
I supposed to add their wedding invitation here too... But poor us, my friend Icha accidentally spilled tea over it so the invitation was severely damaged :O But don't worry... You guys must be happy with this sneak peek of the wedding souvenir! :D
Vintage enamel cup and sweets as wedding souvenirs ♥

Once again, congratulation! Live happily ever after :D

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lisana icha said...

saya sukaa banget desain buat wedding ini mbak! total vintage! sebelumnya udah sempat sneak peek di fb mbak tyz :D, but i still love looking at it! wish it were my wedding.. *what? haha