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Diary of a Mad Bride

Three months to go to the wedding... I am torn between panic-stress out and excited-full of happiness... (Yay, I'm gonna be a wife so soon! Oh, wait, I hope the invitations turn out good... oh my, oh my...*headache*)


You know, back then when I was in a junior high school, I started reading chic literature. Well, yes, a bit mature for my age... but we're not talking about that now...
Among all those novels I had read, there was one that pretty special, that special so I got inspired by the tittle to use it as my blog's name. The novel was Diary of a Mad Bride by Laura Wolf.

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Amy always wonders why marriages make her girlfriends degenerate into crazy, self-absorbed psychos. Well, when her boyfriend Stephen proposes, she tells herself that she is above the hysteria. She will do this planning rationally. 
Oh yes, ma'am, R-A-T-I-O-N-A-L-L-Y.

Of course, the plans will soon spiral out of control. Amy's 20-itemed to-do-list soon ballooned to a 39-itemed list and later, mercy, 70 items. She can't find a location. Her Granny may be sabotaging her coming wedding. And what a time to discover that your parents favor your sister over you. Catering! Why is everything so darned expensive and why wouldn't the parents dole out more cash? Do they think that Amy and Stephen produce money from their toilet bowl sessions? AND WHERE ARE THE DAMNED *&^%ING SHOES?

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I hadn't been proposed nor met my soulmate, I was just a teenage that still wearing braces that time. But I remember giggling all the time I read Amy's story. Her way of thinking, the ups and down in preparing the wedding; how she deals with vendors, her family and friends, and Stephen; the demand to be the the perfect bride... even her crazy times to find the perfect wedding shoes. I agree with Goodreads, it was a riotously funny novel, but more than that, it was a sweet, tender love story. And the best? We saw it in our lives.

I am thinking about the novel more these times among my wedding preparation. When I found myself fussy about the invitation design so long, I remember Amy's wedding shoes finding. Actually it can be done in very simple way; we just need to choose it and accept it. Don't worry too much. But that's the distraction, and every bride has their own. 

As a Javanese (or I may said Indonesians), we live with a high demand from the society. We are care, or too care with people may think about us. My mom and I was stressed out enough thinking what will be this wedding turns out; will it be okay? Will the guests are satisfied? Will the guests are all happy? And so on. Later she can take it very well and just focusing to what to do and let God do the rest- that's what she said. But me? Sometimes I am still worrying about the day. But then I remembered Amy's feeling when she walk into the aisle; it's just a grand event but the life after marriage that's important.

There's no bride (and wedding) without all the hysteria, even it was a little. But I try my best to enjoy the process and keep in mind that later, after the wedding, I will make a fun about these days. Weeks ago I had 80:20 of stress and excitement. Few days ago I had 50:50. Today, after the invitation design had been sent to the printing house, I found almost none of the stress left :) So I guess, I am already going through the worst. Three months left, finally I can think about the honeymoon (whaat? haha...).

Then see you!

P.S. : The Diary of a Mad Bride has its sequel! The Diary of a Mad Mom-to-be. It has been quite time since it was published... I guess I'll have a copy in near time :)
P.S.S: My man once asked me whether I'll change my blog's name into Diary of a Mad Mom after I get married. My response is 'Euh!' Is it mean that I should change into Diary of a Mad Grandmother soon I have a grandchild??

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