Monday, September 17, 2012

My First Hit Gindara Steak

Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

Howdy, people? Start to get used myself to do blogging regularly again...Well, what we have today? Oh yes, I  still owe you my cooking Ramadhan post...

People, there's time when I went to nearest mall with my friend Icha and we found that Periplus was holding a sale. Woohooo... I can't. Barely. Breath. I always head over heels about book sale!!!

To be short, we both digging books and expected to found something like Pantone color book in 50% price off (like it will be happen hehe...). But guess what? Not the color book, but almost as best, we amazingly found Periplus Mini Cookbook edition in bargain price, only IDR 5000 to IDR 10.000!! There wouldn't be another chance like this, ha!

It may sounds like me or Icha were pro, but actually we were not more than two ladies that love plans. And one of our plans (or dreams) is mastered cooking skill so we can serve our future family well! Hahaha...
So the end of story was Icha bought two books and me, happily, bring home Homestyle Chinese Cooking, Hearty Country Cooking, Ice Cream & Desserts, Soup and Pudding & Pie. My newest treasure of impulse buying :D

History noted that in one of the Peaceful day of Ramadhan, I tried my luck to adapt one of the recipe. I like to buy something new to eat and gindara fish was spotted when I did monthly shopping groceries. I opened the pages of my newest heart and found something that would be perfect for my dear gindara in  Homestyle Chinese Cooking. Gewd!

The original recipe called Red Braised Fish Steak. It's recommended to use tuna, halibut, seabass or other firm-fleshed deep water fish. I wasn't sure gindara was on the circle, as I am not sure what gindara called in English... but I kept using it since it has almost exactly the same appearance like the one in the book heheh... And because I already bought it :p

The main spices were basic; salt and pepper. But you need more for the sauce; soy sauce, wine (I skipped it since I didn't eat/drink alcohol), sugar, sesame oil ( I didn't have it in my fridge so I used usual palm oil); vinegar (idem), and grated ginger. Oh and I add a bit of oyster sauce to give more Chinese flavor.

The cooking process was easy, as it only need less than 10 minutes. You need to heat skillet and rub its inside surface with fresh ginger (new tips, it helps prevent sticking!) and place the fillet in the pan after sprinkle its both sides with salt and pepper. The recipe said I should wait two minutes for both sides, but to be honest I didn't really count, just used my feeling; when the skin started crisp, it means enough.

Then you need to mix the sauce ingredients and pour over the fish. Gently shake the pan to blend and distribute the sauce evenly then braise without lid for 1 or two minutes. For the serving, you may use chopped spring onions or coriander as well. But since I didn't have those two too and I was craving for something hot, I pick my green chilies. No worries, it was still suit Chinese food, rite?

Best served with warm rice. Yum!
The best part about this dish was its fresh flavor which coming from the grated ginger that met the fresh fish. Ah, savory... :9
Oh and another tips, if you are not a big fan of sweets like me, don't add soy sauce too much. Oyster sauce will work out well and give more tempting result ;)

See you another chance!

PS: Is it Monday today? Geez, I forget today is the day dedicated to post about dreams. Duh.

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