Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Precious Holiday Sport

Assalamualaikum wr wb, yo, fellas! I was sitting in front of my monitor, trying to do something productive while doing laundry then I think, why I don't tell you about my last holiday in my hometown?
I live in a small city called Bontang in East Borneo. Some of you may think we live in theforest but I tell you, guys, no, we are know what civilization is, thank you. But I won't deny that we still have a lot of greens there (even after the massive forest illegal logging, too bad) than the one we have here in Java island.

Actually I spent most of my time staying at home, enjoying cable TV which I don't have here in Surabaya (Mm, Dad?). But in some precious time I decided to push my lazy ass from Law and Order, Royal Pains, House, or Flashpoint and doing something outside my house and far from my parents comfy bed (Not that I say watching marathon serial like Law and Order is bad... I guess I can say "Objection!" with right tone by now...)

Just you know, me and some of my primary school friends have a what we called Lebaran routines. Every second day of Eid Mubarak we get along in Sari's house then visiting our old teachers house one by one for silaturahim. We had a very happy times; remembering the old past and hearing the same old stories about when we were kids from our teacher... mostly the same jokes every year, but we never get enough tired of it. I must say I felt a lil bit blue since Insha Allah it become my last Eid Mubarak as a single. I must spare my holiday between my hometown and my hubby hometown in the future; so I tried my best to enjoy every single moment since I don't know if I can make it next year too. I felt blessed that everything turns out well, seeing our teachers smile and showed their pride of us were... priceless. You know I'm gonna miss those times.

Well then, beside that routines, I had the newest agenda in my last holly-day. It was Sari who popped out the idea of us do jogging together. Inspired by her mom, Sari asked us if we'd like to do jogging some days after Eid Mubarak when everybody was still there. It didn't take too long for me to say yes. Even in the end it turned out that only four of us who came in, but that wasn't problem at all. We wrapped ourselves in sporty gear (which mostly borrowed from our mom) and ready to do early morning jogging!

Like I said, it was still early. Less than 6 AM
Unknown fruits. Is anyone know?
Wearing the most unfashionable items. Who care about fashion when you are in Bontang?? Oh yeah, it was me, Gendhis and Sari. There was also Nina who took the pic. Fyi, Gendhis was a nice girl, single, and looking for serious guy. (They made me promised to write this :))) )
Lotus garden. We wondered were lotus not a morning person since we didn't see any of them blooming that early
I am so into yellow flower ♥
We forgot that we were 20s
The biggest mosque in town, Masjid Raya Baiturrahman. They had swiftlet house in the backyard
Palm trees grew around the mosque yard
The home of Bontang PKT footbal club; Mulawarman Stadium
Our ex-playgroup. Nice to see it was almost didn't change at all
I ran out my cam battery so these were the last pieces; we were nostalgia in our kids-time playground Danau PC VI (The Lake), and the unbeatable beautiful blue skies which I can't found here in Surabaya

Even after living in Surabaya for almost five years, the one that I will always called home is Bontang. It doesn't have a good internet signal so I always late for hot news whenever I came there (and couldn't attach my email or Facebook account were hell) but still, there is nothing retreat as best as something we called home :)

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