Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another Ramblings

Assalamualaikum, fellas... Finally I get my internet connection fixed so I can do a morning browsing/ blogging/ facebook-ing/ whatsoever.
Life have been busy (sure you heard about it a LOT) but seriously I haven't been this busy since I did my Final Project in March/ April. But seeing the fact that I literally jump into this wedding thingy right after I was done with my FP stuff, and I had been doing my FP since last year, so it is not too much if I said I am already busy for a year (and still continue... at least for one more month).

I am enjoying the process preparing my big day, even so I have my own fear about this and that. To mention a few; the amount of the catering, souvenir, invitation; so typical of every bride-to-be problems (I never heard any groom-to-be ever worrying about this... Well, what we can say? Boys). Another else such as weather. I am gonna married almost in the end of the December, which is, based on experience, is the month we'll get the heaviest rain. Idk, I am torn between worrying about my guests coming and thought that rain is a gift from God... *holly face*. But (thank's God), in a few relaxing moment I realized that I have no power to erase my worry, so what's the point of being worry all the time? There's a Bigger Hand that hold my problems,  the only one Who had the power to fix everything. That's why I should asked to Him to give me the best after I did my best :) And start to believe what happen in the future, that's the best :)

Well, what else? Oh, I owe you bunch of exciting post filled with amazing photos! (or at least that's what I was thinking...). I haven't write yet about my graduation, my last exhibition and the rebirth of my brand! I manage to do it right after I finished with invitation and souvenir, so wish me luck :D
I't's the sneak peak! :D

So I guess I'll see you later! :D

PS: I hope for the best for our brothers and sisters in Palestine... Sometime I just don't get it, how mankind can be so heartless and cruel to each other :(

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