Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Wrap

Sorry (again!) for the long hiatus peeps! OMG I can't believe that today is the end of February already...Pheww...

Life is busy, being a housewife is the BEST thing happened in my life so far. I really enjoy wake up early, preparing hubby clothes, cooking him breakfast/ dinner...(this list will go on...) but most of all I was grateful to do prayers together with him. Especially in Maghrib and Isya, we manage to do it with others in nearest mosque and it was really heartwarming and peaceful.  Such a food for soul :') (not to mention that he looks uber handsome with baju koko :p)

Well then, so where I have been outside homework thingy? Dear Darla is the answer :) Some of you may have known that I have a brainchild/ new toys (haha) that I called Dear Darla Crafthings. Now this baby is started crawling and I am busy following her! Trials and errors happened of course... but she learn very quickly! She first started with brooches but now you also can find headbands, necklace (sort of accessories), shawl and (very soon, dear, very soon) clothes too! So yes, I am pretty busy since I am new and alone in this thing, but I have very much fun here :) Oh please go to this link to be friend with her and say hi too to her blog! :)

So that is, reason why I just ended with two post this month? Actually no...the real answer is my babe is gone... He went for business trip for about three weeks and I am still struggling in the last one week. I really can feel  Diana Rikasari's feeling when her S is gone; I feel so empty  and I can do right for almost everything. Yes, I become so dependent on him and can't find another way to feel better beside ask him to back home as soon as possible :( I tried to keep myself busy of course, since they say when you are busy you forget the time...well, I am still working for it...

Well, enough then for the babbling! Tomorrow is March, yes? New month, new spirit, people! Keep productive, stay happy! Smooch!

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