Thursday, February 7, 2013

♥ Once in a Lifetime: My Royal Gold Moment ♥

In my previous post I already told you about the akad ceremony. While akad was held in the morning, the reception was held in the afternoon. I was waaay more relax since, like my mom said, "the principal part of the wedding is the akad. Reception is just party after all". I am a bit tired since I didn't get enough sleep the night before (I'll told about it in next post) and still worried about petty little things ( I know I shouldn't actually), but most of all, I was happy! I held my brand new hubby's hand  as often as possible and we stared each other like we didn't believe we are finally a husband and wife :') ( I knooowww.... it's silly :p)

My wedding itself using three big color theme which were gold, ivory and deep brown. When akad mostly used the ivory, the party was more to gold. My friend Dila said it was eclectic since I also mixed three big theme here; Javanese, Arabic and Modern-Islamic. I don't know, I just love mixing things :D

I luuurve the decor! Maroccan style. Beyond expectation :)
I was worried that I would falling so I rarely smile during the kirab (blame the 9 cm heels!)
I asked mas Hendy (the main photographer) to take many detail pics :) *inspired by lovely Alodita*
very happy seeing the guests :)
Dad and mom
Ultimate beauty, my girls!!! PS: Icha is still single by the way...(on the left, wearing black clutch)
My hubby's mate... So crazy they bring banner to the wedding venue :)) And..hey! The bride and groom were hidden cause of them!
My design mate :D
High school fellas was saying wedding congratulation :) I was friend with some of them since elementary school :')
So lucky to find Islamic music entertainment like this :)
...and finally, the bride and groom. The party was over yet the 'real' party has been starting since then :) 

Wedding Reception Vendor:

Venue: Grha Sepuluh Nopember, ITS Surabaya
Bride, groom and parents outfit: Puri Kencana Ayu
MUA and hijab styling: Puri Kencana Ayu
Decor and hand bouquet: Mitra Decoration (Pak Mitro)
Catering: Hidayah
Photo: Hendy Wicaksono Photography
Video: Galahumanoid
Music Entertainment: Alkahfinita

Alhamdulillah everything about wedding ceremony was OVER! Haha... I am totally relieved! Not that I was not enjoying the process nor the preparation...but thinking about all the sweat and blood... it was too small if I say I am happy I just have one reception... Maybe things would be different if I was using wedding organizer then...(note to self: if anyone asked about it, tell them use WO for D-day! Especially if they are super-drama-paying-to-details-perfectionist like me. Or they will just died. Like me. Okay, skip that)

So, like I have said before...the real party is on the way! Maybe you'll see a lot of newlywed thingy in the future hahah... Please don't get bored with it since I am not! *what a egoistic author :p* So I guess, I'll see you later? Live your life people, and have a blast! :D


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