Wednesday, February 6, 2013

♥ My Humble Akad Nikah Ceremony ♥

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb...

After spending HOURS picking (and a bit of editing), finally I am proudly say that I will post my wedding photos here!! *enthusiast clap*

My wedding, maybe wasn't my dream wedding at first. But as time went by, I started grew a strong feeling for it; its like my baby that I was taking care of until giving birth. And alhamdulillah the process of giving birth was running smoothly :)

I got married on Mother's Day, December 22th 2012. Me and my family was worried about the weather, since December is one of the biggest rain month. I was thinking will I get a sunny day like in June but I know that I shouldn't hoping too much. So we only pray, pray, and pray to God, to give us the best. The whole family, especially the grandmas, hummed Al Kautsar tons a day until the wedding day.

And you know? It was really a sunny day.

A big one :)))

After akad, the photographers team manage us to have photoshoot in mosque's park(ing area). I was so nerveous since it was the first time for me and hubby taking pictures like that (we didn't do any prewedding photoshoot before). We're a bit clumsy but we smiled a lot. So happy finally we're a legal spouse! :D

Alhamdulillah :)

Akad's Vendors:

Venue: Masjid Manarul Ilmi, ITS Surabaya
MUA and hijab styling: Puri Kencana Ayu
Groom's and fathers beskap: Puri Kencana Ayu
Bride's kebaya: (self design) The Darling Premium 
Wedding ring: private design made by Kaliem, Jakarta
Feather pen: Dear Darla Crafthings
Photos: Hendy Wicaksono Photography
Video: Galahumanoid

There aren't perfection in this world, and so was my wedding. But despite everything it would be overrated if I forced my ego and complained; I got too much blessings that day. The biggest one was the weather of course, which really helps our guests came to the venue. The second was my friends and other guests, even who lived far away, but still managed to come. And another million blessings to prove that I had no reason to regret anything. Thanks God, thank you for the blessing. Thank you to make my dream become real.

So, are you satisfied now? What? Photos from reception? Ah, I am worry that you should wait, at least until tomorrow :p

I'll see you soon! x

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