Friday, July 19, 2013

No Regret

Hello dude, and dudettes (thanks to Cassandra Niki for inspire this hello x )

Time flies and suddenly here we are, heading to the end of July. Wow.

Where have I been? Well, my computer is still in the service center and the phone signal here is lameee so I can't manage to blog. So it's not the cliche like I mostly give to you heheh..

First of all, Ramadan Kareem! May we all experiencing the joyful of Ramadan, and this holy month become the best Ramadan we have ever! Amin!

Gosh, I miss writing so so much!!

My day is busy like I have anticipated; never guessed that I still have to deal with the routines, now I have a pile of household to do (domestic helper, please). Ya, ya, ya, still the old song. And I become busier with my new fashion line The Darling; more bazaar is in the line so I try to keep my rack full of outerwear and shawl stock. And don't forget the oldest sister, DearDarla Craft. I hope I can launch a big collection right before Eid Mubarak. Anyway, have you follow their Instagram? It's 'deardarlacraft', thank you! x

In the other side, I was thinking that the main reason why it feels like time flies so damn fast its because I enjoy ever moment of it. My marriage was great! People keep saying that it just the newlywed euphoria, but it's almost seven months and I grow fonder to him! We still giggling together, cuddling to sleep, and he hug and kiss my forehead more everyday. Of course we argue, oh we argue a lot. Sometimes I yelled and scold, but it's okay... I guess the healthy relationship based on honesty. I can complain his flaws but I can't deny that beside all of it, he is still the man that I want to live with, to spend my single day, even the single bit of it until death tear us apart. I know I will never regret the day I agree to be his partner of life.

Ah, talking about regret make me remember what happened in previous day.

I was seeing my colleagues photos. Some of them were gained scholarship to take master degree abroad. I was so mesmerized looking at their beautiful photos which capture the beauty of -most of it- Europe.
Casually I said that I feel speechless seeing them. I said it may because, deep inside, I always have dream to study abroad like them. That words was spontaneously popped of my mouth, I have no any particular intentions saying those things. But, my husband, half-joking, was questioning whether I regret marrying him that fast instead of continue my study like them. I was so freaking panic that I hurt him or what so I tried to convincing him that was not the point. And that's the truth.

If I saw my friends pursue their study, at first it taste bitter since I have no idea when will I take my master degree. I know if I continue to look up them, I will ended nowhere but complaining. People said your neighbor grass always look greener. So I try to count my blessing; I may not have win any scholarship abroad, but look at me now, I have house full of love with loving husband in it; I may not having a chance to visit Europe now, but I believe someday I will go there, and I don't have to worry about who will accompany me since I have someone to holds hand now...teeheee. Everytime I think about the future possibilities, I laugh for my silly jealousy before. Afterall, it just a matter of time for people who try, right?'s almost my work time so I guess I should stop from here. Enjoy your Ramadan, peeps!


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