Friday, March 28, 2014

Hear Hear!

So so happy that I can finally manage my time to update The Darling instagram account! More new items are coming! This time we brings more comfortable yet effortlessly stylish outfit! Please check this link to see what I am talking about! 

For more info about this brand, don't hesitate to reach me!

Anyway... I am thinking about reunite the brand Dear Darla (focused on accessories and others crafty thingy) and The Darling (the sister brand, the one who sell clothes and beyond) into one brand called Dear Darla x The Darling. What do you think? Nothing wrong about the sister brand system, but since I handle the two alone (and I mean really alone, from design to producing, marketing... you name it), it will be pretty much easier to just have one in a hand, especially when it goes to socmed account... But still, it just an idea. That two talk different thing and have their own characteristic which is very different. So blend it into one brand will need a deeper thinking tho... Well, tell me then!

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